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Top Tips to Write the Best Truck Driver’s Resume and Stand Out From the Crowd and Land the best Job

Having a fantastic resume is important, for any career. This is the first point of contact that prospective employers will have with you, a kind of thefirst impression, so to speak. If your resume is not going to leave an impression, your application might be shoved aside for someone who made the effort in compiling a professional resume.

Whether you have been a truck driver for many years, or are only starting out, making some effort with your resume could be the difference between being hired and not. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what a professional resume should look like with some handy tips.

1. Keep it Simple

A lot of people are under the impression that the more information they have on a resume, the more impressive it looks. This is false. Any recruiter will agree that having to read through pages and pages of information that starts on when you stopped wearing a diaper and ends where you get a prize at the local talent show is not what they are interested in. A great resume will not be longer than 2 pages, only highlighting important and relevant facts about your qualification and career history.

2. Include Important Information

Even though a resume is not supposed to be crowded with loads of unnecessary information, you still need to include the compulsory information, like your demographics and contact details. You don’t have to have a special design our layout, keep it simple and easy to read. The compulsory information should always be visible first, and is seen as an introduction or a “Hello, my name is…”. Here you will add information such as your name, surname, marital status, date of birth, physical address and contact details.

3. Use the Right Font

Not that there is such a thing as a right or a wrong font to use, but ensure that the font you have chosen for your resume is legible and that recruiters won’t have difficulty reading it. Fonts to ignore at all cost include script fonts as well as comic sans. Stick to something like Arial or Courier New, something that is easy on the eye and doesn’t make it difficult to distinguish one letter from the other. One last thing, if you do decide to use Comic Sans, the recruiters might not take you very seriously – Comic Sans is a font best used for circus resumes.

4. Write a Bio or Summary

This will provide recruiters some more information on who you are as a person, your personality and it gives you some space to list some of your best personality traits that are applicable to the workspace. It is always important only to include information that is applicable to your profession or career and your professional experience. If however you are a quirky person and would like to indicate this on your resume, this should be done with caution and as tasteful as possible.

5. Highlight Relevant Experience

Next, you need to show that you are capable to do the job at hand with relevant experience. List previous companies you have worked for, include the dates you worked for them, and write a short description of what exactly it is you did while there. Perhaps you had to do something that was not included in the job description that is worth mentioning as an indication to recruiters that you are willing to go the extra mile or open for change and challenges. Always list your experience a-chronologically, so that recruiters can see your most recent work experience first.

Bonus tip: Be as specific as possible, e.g. if you have driven different types of loads and big rigs, specify it neatly underneath the relevant experience.

6. Add Additional Skills

It never hurts to add some of your additional skills to your resume – they have to, of course, be relevant to the industry and the job you will be performing. If you have a knack for mathematics, mention it. If you have dabbled in the mechanical workings of big rigs, mention that too. Even if you were nominated as head of the team, it could indicate that you have motivational skills that may be required for the position you are applying for.

7. Education and Qualifications

This should always be featured on your resume. Recruiters need to know whether you have done the time and received qualifications that are needed for you to do the job. You don’t have to mention that you completed a certificate in hula-hooping, but do include relevant education information and qualifications that are applicable to the job.

8. Add your Licenses and Endorsements

Lastly, you need to at least let the recruiter know what licenses you hold and what endorsements you have. If the job requires you to drive a specific big rig and load, or even drive across the border, this information is vital for them to know whether or not you are physically able and able by law to do the job.

9. Add a Coverletter

As a finishing touch, it is always good to have a cover letter to go with your application. This should give recruiters more in-depth insights as to your personality and character, as well stipulate why you believe you should be considered as a viable hire for the position. A lot of people make the mistake to have a stock standard cover letter that they re-use. Please do not do that. Rather write a new cover letter for each position you apply for, as each position and each company are unique. You can even mention that you are a perfect fit for the team, you relate to the company culture, anything that is relevant to the specific position and company should be mentioned in the cover letter.

We cannot stress the importance of having a professional resume that is kept updated on a regular basis. This is a window into who you are and what you bring to the table when you join a new company and will make the difference between being interviewed or not considered for an interview. If you do get through to interviews, it is all up to you. We hope you have found this simple guide insightful, and that you will have many interviews lined up soon. For more information and access to some resume templates, visit this site.

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