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Top Tips for Healthier Meals While on the Road That Will Make You Feel Like a Million Bucks

Any truck driver will agree that it is rather difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the trade. The long working hours and hours spent behind the wheel does not really help either, and lots of truck drivers simply opt for the most convenient meal, takeaways. Times have however changed, and being healthy plays a major role in how you approach any obstacle that may be thrown your way, whether on the road or not. Nowadays there are apps and spiffy websites that can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle while being a truck driver, and all this becomes more possible.

In this article, we will give you some handy tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and planning healthier meals for when you are on the road. Remember that having a regular exercise regime will also aid in being a healthier and happier you, so try to include this in your new lifestyle as well. Let’s see how these healthy food habits will improve your way of life.

#1 Stock up on fresh fruit and veg

Instead of grabbing a bag of chips while at the truck stop, try to pack some fresh fruit and veg for snacks while you drive. You can keep it in the bar fridge in the cab for easy access and have it prepared so you don’t have to cut it up while on the road. Whether you love carrot sticks or celery, fresh greens are great to have as a healthy alternative for snacking.

#2 Skip the fizzy drinks

Instead of sipping on colas you keep in your fridge in the cab, keep loads of bottled water with you while on the road. Fizzy drinks are basically just sugar and having too much of it can cause harm to your health. Keeping hydrated while on the road is also very important and you can find yourself getting very thirsty. If you have enough water on hand, you won’t find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere dehydrated. Just keep sipping on water.

#3Find other sources of protein

Eating a lot of or too much meat can also be very unhealthy and detrimental to your cholesterol levels. Instead of eating loads of meat, pre-pack a couple of hard-boiled eggs. Eggs are a fantastic source of protein, and you can eat if for just about any meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

#4Nuts are the way to go

Another great substitute for potato chips and other salty snacks is nuts. Eating a handful of nuts a day is very healthy. Just remember to keep things in moderation – too many nuts can also be a bit unhealthy. But we are sure even the health experts would agree that having nuts instead of salty snacks like potato chips are way better for your health.

#4 Eat smaller portions and more frequently

This might be a bit of an adjustment for most people, but replacing your regular 3 big meals a day with 6 smaller portions spread throughout the day is scientifically proven to benefit your health and mental wellbeing. Start by having a larger breakfast, having a handful of nuts as a snack, eating some white meat for lunch, having a fruit for a snack, and then having a healthy dinner like a salad. Keep drinking water and if you stick at it, you should get used to it quickly.

#5 Invest in a little oven

Home-cooked meals are always a better option than any fast-food you will ever eat. Instead of looking at convenient food options, try to plan your meals ahead, prepare and freeze them. Invest in a little oven that you can plug in at the cigarette lighter in the cab when you want to heat up or cook your meal while on the go. This will ensure you eat healthier and spend less time shopping and eating at diners.

#6 Skip the caffeine overload

Some truck drivers will swear by their cup of coffee or their energy drinks, while some couldn’t be bothered. If you fall in the former group, we’d like you to cut back on those energy drinks and coffee you love so much. One cup of coffee per day is more than enough caffeine for one person to handle. Drinking too much energy drinks,on the other hand, could have detrimental consequences to your health. Keep hydrated with water, and eat fresh fruit and veg and you should be alright.

#7 Plan and pack ahead

We’ve already mentioned this a couple of times, but it is important to get the message through. If you do plan your meals and pack them before going out on the job, you will be less likely to buy, snack, and eat unhealthy and greasy foods. Keep it simple and healthy with fresh food that is pre-packed. You should have more than enough space in the fridge in the cab. If not, bring your cooler along with you on the trip.

#8 Get creative

If you do find it a bit of a snore fest to eat healthily, try to spice things up a bit and experiment with different new recipes. Try to get yourself excited about what you want to eat on this trip, or you could even try to think of themes for every trip to make it more fun. Cook foods from all over the world, you could to Mexico on one trip, and Italy on the other. If you are doing an Italian week, be sure to stick to gluten and wheat-free products!

#9 Cut yourself some slack

Making major lifestyle changes can be difficult to anyone. It will be hard, and you will more than likely feel like giving up a couple of times. Don’t get disheartened though. Remember, you are making the change for your own benefit and health. There are loads of truck drivers who suffer from high cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases and the like, all due to bad eating habits and a lack of exercise. Don’t fall into the trap, keep it up and pat yourself on the back when you find yourself slipping. With determination, you will succeed.

We know that being on the road for long periods of time can make it difficult to eat healthily and get enough exercise, but the best things in life are worth working and fighting for. We hope our tips have inspired you to eat more fresh and green food and less junk. For some more healthy meal inspiration, read this great article.

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