featured9 - How to Get a Truck Driver Job that Will Make You Feel Appreciated in 10 Easy Steps
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How to Get a Truck Driver Job that Will Make You Feel Appreciated in 10 Easy Steps

The job hunt can be a bit of a cumbersome process. But there is no space for being discouraged when you are in desperate need of a new job. Gone are the days when you could simply pick up the phone and inquire about a job, or ask uncle Bob to put in a good word for you. Today, jobs are scarce and the requirements are tight to ensure only the best make the cut for the road.

In this article, we will guide you through 10 easy-to-follow steps to ensure you land a fantastic truck driving job, no matter if you have 1 or 20 years’ experience on the road.

41 - How to Get a Truck Driver Job that Will Make You Feel Appreciated in 10 Easy Steps

1. Get qualified

We’ve gone through the qualification process in this article. The perfect starting point for those only joining the exciting adventure of becoming a truck driver is doing your research and getting the necessary license and endorsements for the job you wish to apply for.

2. Write your resume and cover letter

Next, once you are sure you have the necessary paperwork to apply for jobs, you can start writing your resume and draft a cover letter highlighting your skills. Remember to keep your resume short and powerful, to the point. Recruiters don’t have time to read novels when it comes to hiring new drivers. Highlight your skills and experience and note your qualifications.

3. Start the job search

Once you have your qualification, you will be ready to apply for some of the best truck driver jobs at the top freight transportation companies in the country. The majority of the bigger companies will have established websites with an online application form and a career tab. But, don’t put the traditional job search of scanning the classifieds in the daily newspaper aside, this can be just as helpful. Be sure to also visit trucking forums and view notice boards at truck stops.

4. Revise your cover letter

Once you have found jobs that you want to apply for, edit your cover letter to suit the ones you find to be a perfect fit for you. Remember to keep things simple and to the point, don’t flower or dress things up, be honest and only mention qualities and skills that you do have that will fit with the position you applied for at the specific company.

5. Narrow down the search

Looking for a CDL truck driving job online is probably the easiest and quickest way to get your resume out there. Even though a lot of people employ the strategy of simply applying for as many jobs as possible and seeing whether they get any responses, a more structured approach is advised. Make sure you read through the job description carefully and that you are 100% sure that the job and company is a great fit. The majority of job listing sites will enable you to upload your resume directly and complete an online application form. Here are some sites that you can start your job search:

There are plenty of online job listing sites that you can sign up on. You can even try to scan some of the best freight transportation companies’ websites where they have dedicated recruitment sections for truck drivers. Some companies even offer in-house training and tuition.

6. Include other channels for job searches

Should you find yourself at a dead-end, try to include other search options to broaden your search. Never underestimate the power of manual search in the daily newspaper’s classifieds. You are also able to join social media networks as a lot of companies will advertise newly available positions on these channels. Networks to join and search on include Facebook and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is considered the go-to social media platform for networking and job opportunities. A lot of the bigger companies should have profiles that you can find where they will list new careers. You are also able to apply for jobs posted on LinkedIn using your own profile, so you won’t have to re-create any information.

7. Preparing for interviews

An important step when aiming to land a perfect job as a truck driver is preparing for the interview. Be sure to have all the necessary documents ready before heading out. Make sure you have a neat corporate outfit – dressing the part when meeting prospective employers is important when making a first impression. Refrain from wearing casual wear – looking presentable could make the difference between getting the job and still looking for one. Prepare some questions for the interviewees and make sure you have them on hand for the day. Also, be sure to do a bit of research on the company as they might ask you what you know about the company.

8. On the day of the interview

Be sure you get enough rest the night before as you should be fresh and relaxed during the interview. Try to stay as calm as possible before and during – the more prepared you are the calmer you will be. A handy tip would be to make sure you know how to get to the company beforehand, take note how long it would take you to get there and make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes before the appointment. This will also indicate that you are responsible and timely.Make sure you have a copy of all your documentation with you and keep it in a neat binder.

9. Make contact afterward

Part of the interview process includes following up with the interviewees. You can do so by writing them an email stating your gratitude for their time to see you. This is done to show them you are truly interested in joining the team, and that you are a definite candidate to be taken into consideration to be hired.

10. Be patient

As you can imagine, recruitment is a tedious process that does not happen overnight. Recruiters have to carefully review all the viable candidates and ensure they make the best decision for the company. Usually, it is a slow process of elimination, and it can take up to a couple of weeks before you know that you got the job. After this, you may be required to go for tests and will have to work on probation for a while before being a full-time employee.

42 - How to Get a Truck Driver Job that Will Make You Feel Appreciated in 10 Easy Steps

We hope our top tips have helped you to get that perfect CDL truck driving job you’ve been eye-balling, and that you will be on the road in no-time.

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